On the wings of a butterfly. – Chapter 1, Strip 48b

Treatise on the practical application of chaos theory, focusing on events involving the reanimated dead and the local meterological effects in Egypt.

Hah! You fell for the crossover thing, didn’t you?
Well, apparently Maria and Michelle of Shonen-ai Kudasai (same great comic, new URL: kudasai.stripspace.com) read my little remark in last Thursday’s comment, and came up with this amazing piece of fanart, for which they are entitled for the kingsize lovies with fries and and a small shake.
I swear I knew nothing of it beforehand, I REALLY had planned on Snuka keeping his pants.

So I ended up with a double-sized update, and that’s just as well, for today’s strip is No.50! Yay, Celebrations. Do I get a cake? (It’s No.50, chronologically. Due to my totally chaotic system of numbering, it’s internal number is 48b, actually. Never mind, it all makes sense. To someone. Perhaps.)

And speaking of groundbreaking events, I finally got fed up with my inconsistent drawing of the hearse. I found a few pics of a real hearse, photographed from different angles, somewhere on the net, and came up with a simplified version for the comic. So in future, there should be a basic level of consistency in that regard- a basic level, I promise nothing more 🙂 . I also found some pics of a typical Japanes hearse, brightly colored and with a wooden, gilded, miniature temple on top of it. But firstly this would have been to time-consuming to draw, and secondly Mopey would have refused to get even near it, so I stuck with the classical black limousine-type hearse.

If there is one saving grace to Stephen Sommers’ 1999 ‘Mummy’ it’s the idea of Imhotep controlling the sands, and using them to attack his opponents. It’s a really novel idea, and combined with the possibilities of CGFX, results in a truly startling visual effect. No wonder nearly all of it made the trailer.

Oh, and the obligatory
Disclaimer: You cannot use a butterfly to collapse a sandstorm based on chaos theory. It wouldn’t be chaotic if the results were that predictable, now would it.
But on the other had, chaos theory is a bit like magic, I guess. Scientist use it to make glitches in their theories magically disappear. ‘If you don’t know the explanation, say it’s chaos theory.’

And to crown today’s celebratory update, a new voting incentive is up with webcomicslist, so please vote for me, if you can stand another Harry Potter joke. (Else use the other two vote buttons, without incentive :)) On Thursday, Rutentuten will take another dip into Imhotep’s bag of tricks – yes, there was another CG effect that impressed me.

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