Nestled Into the Woods – Chapter 7, Act 2, Strip 2

As we zoom in further on our next location, I continue to strive for high fidelity in my rendition of that barely known, myth-enshrouded place: Canada.

In that vein, today’s strip stresses the similarities between the Canadians and the En’ilef – both races of shy forest creatures, whose secluded hiding places blend into the surrounding woods to the point of being almost unfindable by outsiders. In that seclusion, both races pursue serene lives in harmony with nature, surviving on what the land has to offer without disturbing its natural balance. My sources on Canada have confirmed that for me, and with almost straight faces, too, so I trust them on that.

With some further zooming in, we finally return to the stage of so many earlier events: the campus of Lillytown university. Since it wasn’t present in the prologue (secretly act 1), it’s been quite a while since we saw it…enough time, I think, for most people to forget that it wasn’t always located in Canada, so I can brush that completely under the carpet and move on. *cough*. And you might wonder at Lillytown U’s designation as “the World’s premiere institute of research and higher learning“, but that mostly stems from having Professor Dr. on staff – the only living survivor of a foundational generation of scientists, and the World’s only recognized expert in every field.

More on Mon…uh, Thursday.

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