New! Now with added cameos – Chapter 8, Act 3, Strip 13

In this, George Geekish continues to raid his daughter’s toybox* for props to stage thrilling encounters between our heroes-once-removed and the mechanical menaces threatening the peace and tranquility of their nameless planet. I left out the animation, this time – that would have been too much effort for such a mere summary of events.

While George raids a toybox, the twins raid their wardrobe to maintain flawless variety for their appearances. There’s really no reason why the (grateful) citizenry should catch their (presumed) heroes wearing the same outfits for two separate missions – not if they have so many different ones to choose from. On a side-note, the original dialogue described that capability of theirs as “bottomless”, but I changed that to “limitless” for the published version…just to avoid any need to discuss the internal dynamics of their relationship, which I haven’t thought about in any detail, and don’t intend to. =P

But that’s not exactly the main point of this strip – the main point is Latho’s reaction. Which isn’t really surprising at this point, since its true nature has already been revealed – but it still needs to be treated as a twist for the flash-back. For one thing, since it did come as a surprise for the people involved at the place and date of the flash-back. And for the other thing…because I really have no idea how I could have covered that piece of ground otherwise…

More on Thursday.

* Don’t worry, it’s okay – his daughter is a grown-up by now, and took the few toys she felt emotionally attached along when she moved out. He asked her permission to use the surplus for his business, and she explicitly agreed.

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