New Year’s Special 2005


And whatever the year might bring, at least this will be the last holiday special for a while. Aren’t you glad we got this over with? 😛

For the record let it be stated that there’s only lemonade in Snuka’s glass. (Mopey is sipping the wine of sweet despair, and the Professor is downing a couple of ‘Irish Carbombs’ XD )

Also let it be stated that I don’t support capital punishment, especially not in Biff’s case. Whoever gives someone of Biff’s mental capacity control over any engine of destruction more powerful than a Styrofoam hammer is pretty much solely responsible for the ensuing destruction. (And yep, Biff is quite oblivious to the severity of his situation – after all, the initiation for his frat also involved being blindfolded and tied to a stake…)

Disclaimer: Do not drive armored vehicles of any kind backwards through the wall of any ammunition storage facility, unless it serves clearly defined tactical objectives. Or strategical objectives, if it’s a large storage facility. Creating a fireworks display is NOT an acceptable tactical objective in this context.

The background images of the fireworks are from once more, and were taken somewhere in Japan.

So thanks for reading in ’05 and see you in ’06.

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