Not actually terribly appropriate for the time – Chap. 5, Act 4, Strip 4

And with that the flashbacks already over, and we’re back in the present – or rather the year 1899, South Africa.

The Orlando Towers in Soweto weren’t really built yet at that point in time, but apparently the chameleon circuit in those time machines had only a very limited set of twin buildings appropriate for the region in its database, so it decided to fudge the lines just a tiny little bit. And they are rather decorative, and do have an adventure park on the inside, so there’s that, at the very least.

And the Professors seem to see perfectly level on the matter, as well, so I’d say that that’s a strong indicator that there is only one scientifically solid way to see the water: That it’s actually not terribly appropriate for the time period, but you could guess that the twin structure of the new time machine must have challenged the chameleon circuit beyond its capacity.

I just felt that needed pointing out again.

More on Thursday.

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