The fiendish device of horror of Dr. Dutchman Fu – Chap. 5, Act 4, Strip 5

Yeah, and we just can’t have that, sorry. It’s not exactly nice to leave somebody in that sort of predicament, but if Snuka had helped him, the family of that scientist from the Halloween special would have had grounds for a lawsuit – you can be an asshole, but not a disriminating asshole.

But it was high time for Dr. Dutchman Fu to get to employ one of his trademark torture devices again, anyway – that’s why I let him do it without a really crystal-clear reason, and so more just for the fun of it. Fun on the Doctor’s part only, of course. And naturally, the device is operating on wind power – that’s just Dr. Fu’s Dutch genes. Plus, it’s ecologically responsible – while that slightly reduces the net cruelty of the whole thing, we all have to make little sacrifices for the sake of the planet. And as long as it helps the enviroment, Dr. Fu can manage to restrain himself to slightly below peak cruelty.

Our poor farmer was well advised to pay some attention to the question of social standing. It mattered a lot more, back in 1899, and without being able to see Snuka’s clothing and skintone, the farmer had to be careful not to inadvertedly offend. Now, of course, Snuka’s social standing has become quite obvious – it’s the highest: asshole.

More on Monday.

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