Nothing Moving In The Scherenfernrohr – Chapter 8, Act 2, Strip 4

Glass house, meet stone. I mean, it might be true that they haven’t seen that guy move in more than three hours…but if they watched him that whole time, it means that they didn’t move in three hours, either. So, before they mock him for being lazy or slothful, our brotherly, bishonenly friends should realize that the only difference would have been that he spent that time lying on his back, and they on their bellies. And in that comparison, I’d say the guy lying on his back even comes over as smarter, since it’s more comfortable. =P

At least the villains’ faces are no longer shrouded in shadows! Which doesn’t make too much of a difference, though, since they aren’t even openly approaching their target…not actually sure they couldn’t have done the same with the shadow effect, but I just wanted to focus on that trope for a strip. XD

Not a lot to say about this strip, though, I’m afraid – it’s something I couldn’t entirely skip, but I just couldn’t think of anything approaching a gag to go with it. I think it’s obvious enough what’s going on, if only because it’s exactly what’s basically always going on at this point in the plot of a story in this genre. :/

More on Thursday.

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