Of Eggheads and Omelettes – Chap. 3, Act 4, Strip 32

In this strip our friends are back outside again – well, as ‘outside’ as you can be under a glass dome at the bottom of the ocean. While it doesn’t really qualify as ‘outside’, and obviously can never rain inside of the dome, all of the building still have gilded roofs. Because they can.

Anyway, our friends have found a secluded, public spot for their discussions – it’s…uh…a small shrine in the middle of an amphitheatre? Something like that. Totally and authentically ancient Greek, in any case. >_>

The discussion follows an established pattern: Mopey compares Emo (implied) to charismatic dictators from history, the Professor rejects those comparisons by claiming that the situation is clearly different without offering any kind of evidence. Mopey then enumerates (pictorically) the various misdeeds that can be plausible linked to Emo, and the Professor points out that you can’t make an omelette without breaking some eggs. Again, without offering any specific evidence that the eggs that got broken had any sort of causal relationship to the mysterious omelette of great worth Captain Emo is potentially attempting to cook up.

As far as Mopey’s enumeration is concerned, she implicates Emo not only in the rampage of the murderous, mechanical Dunkleosteus and the massacre of Sir Lostalot’s nameless and countless assistants, but also in the death of the German colonel and the bombardment of various tourist boats in the waters around the German outpost. It’s never been explicitly stated, but Mopey assumes that the mysterious Captain-claiming-to-be-Admiral-Raeder who set the Germans up to attack all passing ships was Emo, as well – this is a very legitimate assumption that does not require any supporting evidence: this is the final act, no other villains have shown up in the plot so far, so obviously all of the incidents that happened need to be connected to one single agenda/source. This isn’t real life, after all, where things happen independently of whatever you’re doing.

More on Monday.

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