One Strike And You’re Out – Chapter 8, Act 2, Strip 101

Well, this chapter has seen more than its fair share of ridiculously overpowered forms of attack already, so it was quite a challenge to come up with something that could stand proudly and plausibly above all of that as the main villain’s mainstrike. For that’s definitely not the right moment to suddenly get stingy about that.

Of course I didn’t want to overdo it, either…so I, quite reasonably, restricted myself to have the evil Queen summon a Mecha-Godzilla to breath a swarm of Great White sharks with friggin’ lasers on their heads at the heroes. A final tweak: multi-barreled lasers. But that’s where I had to draw the line. Anything more would have been too much, and clearly beyond believability. >_>

I think it lives up to the high demands of the climactic moment, in terms of providing spectacle. It’s actually a bit strange that Latho didn’t hang around to take a look at it. Given its vast experience, I would have expected Latho to be quite the connoisseur of main-villain-mainstrikes, or at the very least possess an amount of professional curiosity on the subject. A possible explanation for Latho’s absence might be something as simple as survival instinct, though – which in turn would explain how it came to acquire all of that vast experience in a field of employment that tends to see a fair share of early retirements. Sometimes at the hands (i.e. teeth and barrels) of Great White sharks emanating from a Mecha-Godzilla…

More on Monday.

PSA: Contrary to appearances (or the statements of characters within the plot) the B-Movie Comic does not endorse or recommend the crushing of bugs by using any combination of Mecha-Godzilla, Great White sharks and multibarreled lasers. A can of RAID is more than enough and causes only a fraction of the collateral damage. A simple flyswatter achieves the same and is much better for the environment – although the amount of collateral damage can vary greatly in this case, depending on motor skills and the presence or absence of priceless Ming period pottery in the environs.

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