Out of the white-out – Chapter 2, Strip 384

Well, in reality I’ve never heard of anybody being turned on by a completely white room – but chances are there are such people, since there’s simply nothing that wouldn’t be a turn-on for at least one or two of 6+ billion human beings on Earth. So I hereby reverse-invoke rule 34 to claim a sufficient number of albophiles in Lillytown to make it worthwhile for Dame Sue to provide such a room (doesn’t need to be a huge number, anyway, since equipping the room wouldn’t cost nearly as much as for some of the other theme rooms).

I’m just glad the Professor’s back in reality, right where he left it, and all that Evangelion weirdness is gone. (Ignore that character in the background of panel six – that’s probably just one of Dame Sue’s girls dressed up according to some customer’s particular predilections.)

More on Monday.

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