Over the Top – Chapter 7, Act 4, Strip 44

Well, since Snuka got to rip off his favorite bit of LotR, I could hardly deny the others a chance to do the same. The one bit fits in very well with Mopey’s and Biff’s ongoing hate/marginal fondness relationship, while the other bit makes some sense for Gregory and K’ip, since both zombies as well as cats are known for being voracious, and having breakfast up to five times a day (if they can get it).

Si’ri did not get in on the act, however – she’s boycotting the LotR franchise for its over-focus on elves compared to the whole rest of faedom. >_> So she went with her favorite bit from Star Wars, instead. It’s one of her stock phrases, anyway. Particularly since she’s been traveling with K’ip, but it’s not like earlier companions gave her much less opportunity to utter it…

And then the moment can’t be put off any longer, and they have to go over the top and charge the enemy…and since you just can’t top Black Adder goes forth for that sort of scene, I’ve ripped that off whole hog. They really didn’t go over the top when they went over the top, as much as they went over the top in some other parts of that show.

The stereotypical WWI moment seemed like a fitting metaphor for our friends leaving the minigame and getting back into the maingame, given the odds they are facing – or do you think it’s over the top?

How will they fare? And which species of wildflower will be chosen to remember their sacrifice in generations to come? Tune in on Monday to find out!

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