Paging Admiral Ackbar – Chapter 9, Act 1, Strip 6

The rodent population on the school grounds has recently declined drastically, while serious toe injuries among the students are way up. The administration is already investigating those two phenomena, and any possible connection between them. Since this school’s administration is better than most, expect a result in possibly even less than 15 years. >_>

I wasn’t entirely sure if it made sense for a cat guy to be hunting mice with traps, since I felt it might go against his pride as a predator. On the other hand, cats tend to be lazy in addition to being proud, so who knows? Ultimately, practical aspects determined the decision – implying the whole thing by depicting the primed traps is just so much more clinical than actually depicting K’ip catching a mouse with his bare hands, cruelly toying with it for a while and then eating it raw. XP

And, yeah…in case you weren’t sure, that is K’ip. More on that later, and more in general on Thursday.

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