Up for Lunch – Chapter 9, Act 1, Strip 5

Since I wouldn’t really have much to add save for more Lorem Ipsum, this (ill-defined) class is over already. Always a relief, isn’t it?

And thus it’s time for lunch-break…which they will have to spend on the roof of the school, since they are protagonists. While there are, admittedly, franchises which make even protagonists eat in the cafeteria or the classroom with all of the others, the majority follow a strict pattern of having only the mobs eat there, and letting the protagonists climb up to the roof (contrary to school rules!) for their break.

By those standards, I was a protagonist for only a single day of my high school career…after mustering the courage to break the rules and sneak up on the roof one time, I came to realize that it was actually rather unexciting up there, so I didn’t repeat the feat. >_>

I’ve lent some of my hesitation from that day to the Professor for today, but he doesn’t have to wallow in it for long, since the offending obstacle has already been terminated with extreme prejudice by the senpai. Appropriately so, since what’s the purpose of senpai, if not removing obstacles from the path of their kouhai. And corrupting their morals in general…

More on Monday.

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  1. I felt that “rearrange my facial features” quip. It was many years ago and tequila was involved…

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