Lorem Ipsum 101 – Chapter 9, Act 1, Strip 4

Before we can deal with the question of why these two are currently attending high school again, let’s establish what attending high school actually means.

To that effect, this strips combines the Professor’s school experience, Snuka’s and mine. The Professor isn’t terribly enjoying himself, since everything he’s hearing is way below his paygrade. You might think that there might have been some meaningful additions or corrections to the curriculum since the Professor first experienced it, but you’d be surprised at how few there are. >_> The history classes have added another century of material – but since the Professor was around for all of that, even that doesn’t offer anything new or exciting to him. A bit of nostalgia, in places…but relatively few places, actually, given how the 20th century went down…

On the other hand, there’s my high school experience…unlike the Professor, who has forgotten only a small part of what he was taught, I have forgotten just about everything. Literally, I couldn’t remember enough of it to come up with meaningful dialogue for panel three, and had to fall back on Lorem Ipsum. Which vaguely reminded me of learning Latin in school, but I’d be surprised if that was much relevant to present-day classrooms. I couldn’t really tell you whether this complete lack of memories is the result of early-onset dementia or psychological repression, but I hope it’s the latter.

That, of course, is a question Snuka will never have to ask himself – in his case, the reason for his lack of memories can be clearly identified in the fact that he slept through all of it. And, in his defense, there are two very good reasons for him to do that: firstly, if he ended up being book-smart on top of being street-wise, he’d become just too powerful for anyone’s good. And secondly, the fact that his unusual eyes allow him to do it without anybody noticing has to be considered a gift from heaven and as such couldn’t be ignored without risking the displeasure of the Gods*.

More on Thursday.

*Not sure which of them gave him that sort of gift. Possibly Hermes/Mercury, who is the God of Thieves and thus Snuka’s personal patron. Or perhaps some kind of Japanese Fox deity, just because she liked the look.

2 Replies to “Lorem Ipsum 101 – Chapter 9, Act 1, Strip 4”

  1. I’m amazed you didn’t just turn to B-grade high school teen shows. With a chalkboard filled with grade school-level math but there’s so much of it and the camera focuses on the board for such a short while no one will notice unless they go back to re-watch the scene (which would mean someone ACTUALLY watching a B-movie twice… for non-ironic/nostalgic reasons).

    Also nice camera angles hiding the lack of other students.

    1. Well, the truth is that I was under a lot of stress when I did this particular strip, so I cut even more corners than usual. ^_°;

      Some later strips I’ve done since then do have blackboard content taken from various sources, and also some token indication of other pupils being present…still quite sub-par, but better than for this strip…

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