The Tunnel, Obviously – Chapter 9, Act 1, Strip 3

I’ve kept the further adventures on Snuka on his way to school off-screen – suffice to say, he came up with a couple more ‘clever’ plans, and they all turned against him without this being his fault. Up to now a normal day for him, in short.

A while after creating this strip I realized that Snuka had actually run into the alligators in the Lillytown sewers before – but that was ages ago, in chapter 2, so I had completely forgotten about it. So Snuka might also simply have forgotten that encounter – or it’s simply a continuity lapse, which are common in B-movies. Either way, no biggie. =P

Anyway, Snuka is battered and beaten, but he is on time! Considering the fact that the only realistic alternative would have been arriving battered, beaten and late, that’s a good result – so he’s well deserved his breakfast, meager as it might be. And, yeah…he could have eaten that slice of toast at any earlier point in time, and that would have made his various tasks much easier (as well as made the toast taste less of sewer). But he knows that that would have been against protocol and/or tradition…

He gets one moral demerit, though, for not waking up the Professor before leaving home on a school day. On the other hand, the Professor gets one demerit for not telling Snuka about the secret tunnel. Both necessitated by plot considerations, though: I couldn’t let those two make their way to school together, since the Professor, in his current state, isn’t equipped to dealing with the hardships that constantly accompany Snuka’s life.

More on Monday.

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