Partygate! – Chapter 8, Act 3, Strip 4

Well, I have to admit that my original concept of the queen’s personality didn’t really feature her being such a…uh…party-positive person. But I ended up drawing this strip right around the time when the Boris Johnson government in Britain collapsed under the weight of its accumulated scandals…so when it came to envisioning what a meeting between this queen and her prime minister would look like, I couldn’t help but be a bit influenced by the then current events.

Naturally, at that point I assumed that the Johnson government would be marked as an all-time low…I really had no way of anticipating that there would be nothing but a further steep decline in the future.

So, yeah, that’s why the queen is now canonically a party person, to put it mildly. But I think it kinda suits her? Because this way, there’s at least less of a question why the twins are the way the are, or why the queen tolerates it. She definitely can’t claim any moral high ground over them, laying on the floor like that. But, who knows, perhaps it’s a culturally party-positive planet in general, and it’s really nothing out of the ordinary by local standards.

But it’s not the main issue, anyway. That being, instead, that the queen (and by extension her henchtwins) are self-professed Aliens! Which provides even more justification for the name of the chapter, and also explains how they have some prior acquaintanceship with dear old Latho. And apparently it wasn’t entirely enjoyable, but that’s probably the default assumption, now that Latho has revealed its true tentacly nature.

More* on Monday

* More BMC, I mean, not more British government chaos.**

** Not that I could rule that out entirely, though…

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  1. The best thing about our generation is that we did all our crazy before digital cameras, the internet, and social media. XD

    1. Yeah. I strongly suspect that, for future generations, there will be a level of societal consensus to the effect that everything you did before turning 25 is off-limits for later use against you – but the generations coming between ours and the future emergence of that consensus are definitely screwed. XD

  2. I will now assume the queen and the twins all have British accents to mark them as “alien” given that the main cast is either American, Canadian-American, or Japanese/ambiguous Asian (with Snuka maybe being Egyptian at least in accent).

    Shame the queen didn’t fall asleep in the soft grass nearby. Sleeping on hard ground is gonna smart in the morning.

    1. “I’m an alien, I’m a legal alien – I’m an Englishman in New York.”
      – Sting

      Yeah, but the stone floor is easier to clean the next day – and you don’t have bugs running over your body all night, or at least fewer bugs. Plus, privacy is better indoors. Perhaps it really is a planet of party people, but the reigning Queen might still prefer not to be laying out in public like that. XD

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