Pizza’s here! – Chap. 5, Act 4, Strip 56

And here you can see that you really didn’t miss anything due to Snuka’s poetic interlude – all that would have been going on in the meantime would have been Dr. Dutchman Fu telling the middle and later parts of his lifestory. And they would have been exactly as you would have expected them to be: evil and cheesy.

Speaking of cheesy, the Dr.’s pizza also fits under that description, again as expected. At the point when I drew this strip I felt that the good Dr. had pretty much gone for maximum cheesiness with his order, but then I heard that there’s now a “”>99-cheese pizza. O_O I thought about working that into the strip, but decided against it – it sounds just to exaggerated and unbelievable.

And, yes, that’s the Professor coming into the frame in the last two panels. They’d been there earlier, but the pizza boy cut them off going into the station. Of course. Fortunately, the pizza has distracted Dr. Dutchman Fu that much that he isn’t insistent of telling his lifestory all over again…the middle and later parts of which are thus lost to history, and the faulty memory of a pizza boy who wasn’t even paying attention. It’s likely for the better.

Anyway, the take-away lesson for the first strip of the new year? Not having pizza is a great evil.

More on Thursday.

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