Plainly Random – Chapter 7, Prologue 34

Ad’nanapart is a plains city, so K’ip and Si’ri get a much-welcome change of scenery, to something a lot less arid, and with considerably less sand. K’ip doesn’t like sand. It’s coarse and rough and irritating and it gets everywhere. By the way, have you ever heard the legend of…*cough* sorry. *cough*

While their new surroundings are much more pleasing to the eyes, and the paws in K’ip’s case, they do come with some behind-the-scenes changes, as Si’ri explains (in a roundabout way). For the plains come with their own random encounter table, and I’ll follow the trail blazed by early editions of AD&D, and assume that plains require a very, VERY random style of random encounter. If you used those plains encounter tables without alteration or application of common sense, you could easily end up with an encounter like the one depicted here.

But I can’t help but agree with Si’ri – it would be pretty interesting to learn the background and further adventures of that particular monster group. If I had time to do a spin-off comic, I might seriously consider doing “The Adventures of Polar McBearface, Friar Puck and Elmond”. Just the origin story would already be fun to make up, for it’s hard to imagine those tree just running into each other in a tavern and deciding to travel together over a tankard of ale. Which means I would probably write it that way… ._.

Uh, more plain talk on Mon…uh, Thursday.

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