Plans and assignments, redone. – Chap. 6, Act 4, Strip 95

Barely returned from the dark side, the Professor’s already back to bossing everyone on the right side around. Not that that’s much of a surprise, of course, but still…he could held back a bit, at least for a strip or two. (Admittedly, looming Armageddon is one of those special sets of circumstances that allow for decorum being put aside to a certain degree.)

On the pro side, everyone knows what they’re supposed to be doing now!

Well…actually, mostly Mopey. The Professor already knew before telling himself, and the two Snukas likely didn’t understand a word of their instructions. ._. The English language is simply a bit short on pronouns – in general, but especially when it comes to clones/evil twins/alternate timeline versions of people. If there were three different 2nd person singular pronouns, the Professor could have permanently assigned one to each of the Snukas and his instructions would have been clear as day.

Instead, all three of them have to share the same pronoun, and only one of them is any good at sharing stuff with others.

Once that whole Armageddon thing is dealt with, perhaps the Professor can get working on some permanent solution…it wouldn’t even have to be very complicated, something along the lines of “youay, youbee, youcee” could work.

And, yeah….the Professor mentioned ‘splitting up’, so that would normally have called for a Fred Jones cameo. But he’s already shown up once in this chapter, so I thought I could let it slip this time. XD

More on Thursday.

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