Rah-rah, and all that… – Chap. 6, Act 4, Strip 94

Meanwhile, back in Tokyo, the mecha-kaiju has avoided the pinfall at the last possible moment…which was also the earliest possible moment, of course, since it would have been bad staging to do it any earlier.

And now it’s the mecha-kaiju pilot’s turn to get himself all pumped up and motivated to the max! To the max…which is also the min, of course, since that particular pilot just isn’t very good at giving himself cheers and pep talk. It’s just a matter of personal choice – he just generally prefers to maintain a reliable level of emotional detachment, with a flavor of slight resignation. But still, it’s not going to stop him! He’s muddled through this far, and it’ll take more than an overgrown tri-phibian to stop him from continuing to muddle through to the bitter end.

And, yeah, the bio-kaiju is, technically, a tri-phibian. This is clearly established by direct comparison to Gappa, the original tri-phibian monster. So, what does that make it? According to the dictionary, a tri-phibian is “a military commander adept at conducting combined air, land and sea operations”. ._. I had no idea.

More on Thurs…uh, Monday!

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