Point/Counterpoint – Chapter 8, Act 2, Strip 92

Two sudden reversals in a row, we’re really picking up speed here!

…and none too soon, I might add. >_>

I’m not sure what good an Immelmann was supposed to do in this situation, but Shinji had limited options. His opponents had performed a named maneuver, so he had to counter with another maneuver that has a name. Otherwise it wouldn’t have made any sense to a movie audience, you see? So he went with the grandfather (or rather, alleged grandfather) of all standardized aerial maneuvers. The twins perform it perfectly, and the audience is none the wiser…

…because it doesn’t really matter, since Latho decides to re-frame its assigned position on the sidelines in slightly more liberal terms, in order to be able to exert more of a direct influence. Which could possibly get it in some hot water, but does help to speed up the plot considerably. And the water probably won’t be all that hot…and I’m not even sure with whom Latho would get into it. I just assume that there must be some intergalactic organization in charge of supervising functions such as Latho’s…or perhaps there’s an union or cooperative, or something like that. And as a further mitigating circumstance, all of this takes place at an onsen – a very suitable place for getting into hot water with people.

And, yeah, Latho fired at the fast-moving, medium altitude target with an old RPG-7. >_> Hey, I created this strip back in November – I couldn’t readily find a model of a Stinger, and at that point in time, I could have easily gotten away with this. I had no way of knowing that knowledge about various types of shoulder-launched SA and AT missiles, and their differences, would become so widespread by Mid-April. Ah well, let’s jot it down to sloppy work by the prop department, as appropriate for a B-movie.

More on Thursday.

5 Replies to “Point/Counterpoint – Chapter 8, Act 2, Strip 92”

  1. Not that I’m trying to deride the efforts of the rest of the group, but I gotta say that Latho has been pulling a LOT of weight this story arc. I’m sort of impressed, given how usually the cute fuzzy talking mascot doesn’t do a whole lot.

    1. Usually the mascot causes problems and needs rescuing (I’m looking at you, Uni!). Nice inversion!

    2. Well, that’s the advantage of having such an incompetent main team – the background characters have a chance to contribute something, as well, since somebody has to pick up all of that slack. XD

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