Put, put, put. – Chap. 5, Act 2, Strip 9

And that’s the reason why both teams needed one of the Professors each – the time machines are stick shifts, and the others don’t know how to drive one of those. And Professor Dr. just couldn’t bring himself to extend his time machine driver’s ed class to cover that – they had sufferend enough already, even by his exacting educational standards.

Apart from the gear changes, the job of driving a time machine is pretty simple, it seems: Dr. Dutchman Fu’s time machines left a clearly discernible trail of green bubbles in their wake, Professor Chronometricos only has to follow that through non-space.

Typically, a time machine would have some much more comfortable interface, something to enter the target date directly – but that needs to stay fudgy for a while, so I defaulted to standard car controls. Standard car controls are the default control for every kind of machinery in a B-movie, after all, so it totally counts.

More on Monday.

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