When are we? – Chap. 5, Act 2, Strip 10

Well, the bush disguise isn’t entirely period neutral, but it should cover a couple of millions of years – of course, if you go back too far in time, your bush might end up looking too modern, that could be a problem. And if you go back in time into an era that had giant herbivores, the problem might end up being that your bush looks too tasty – if Dr. Dutchman Fu’s plan had involved any dinosaurs, Biff’s recon trip might easily have gotten rerouted through some digestive tract. But you can’t always play it safe with this sort of trip – and if you couldn’t even risk Biff’s life, what could you risk?

Not much else to remark. The Emilia Romagna is a region in Northern Italy, if you aren’t aware – and, strictly speaking, a 1503 peasant wouldn’t have used that name, but hey, it’s a B-movie. =P

More on Thursday.

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