Thanksgiving Special – Chap. 5, Act 2, Strip 11

Yeah, what Gregory said: Happy Thanksgiving to everyone!

Well, at least to everyone concerned, and just a happy day to everyone else.

I don’t always do a Thanksgiving special, but this year it fit in nicely, I think, just for the opportunity to show the other team again – and for the opportunity to show one of Dr. Dutchman Fu’s torture devices actually working, so it’s also kind of a long-range kick-the-dog moment for him. Just, instead of kicking a dog, he’s cutting a turkey. On Thanksgiving. Without even being really involved in person…so, yeah, it increases his villainy score by 0.001 at most. ._.

But at least Gregory gets the chance to each all of us an important lesson: with all of the disecting of turkeys involved, Thanksgiving is kinda like Halloween. If you squint a bit and hold your head like so, it’s almost practically conceivably similar to a zombie-themed slasher movie. ._.

More on Monday.

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