Quaking In Hell – Chapter 8, Act 2, Strip 117

A quick – and, it seems, final – update on how Original!Mopey’s true essence is (was) doing during her well-deserved, relaxing sojourn in the depths of Hell.

Seems her well-deserved sojourn was interrupted by a well-timed delivery of some equally well-deserved justice. You might say she had that coming, but in fact she hadn’t received any tracking information for an incoming delivery – and that’s practically standard today, so she has every right to be surprised by this turn of events.

All the more so because earthquakes in Hell (Hellquakes?) are comparatively rare. Yeah, I know – with all of those pools of lava, streams of lave, waterfalls of lava etc. etc. the place doesn’t exactly scream “geologically stable” at high volume. But it is! The lava is just for mood, really. There really was no way they’d actually put the place into some area of volcanic activity – the insurance premiums would have been prohibitive, and it would have been very difficult to successfully file any claims. Even for Hell, which has very good legal representation in general – after all, they have local access to literally every lawyer who’s ever been alive.

The geologically favorable location, unfortunately, doesn’t help anything with what is hell’s biggest problem these days: with all of the completely unprecedented shit currently going on with Earth, Hell freezes over about every other day for metaphorical reasons. And that’s really disconcerting for entities habituated to taking baths in molten lava…

Putting Hell’s problems aside for the moment (they’re not really used to receiving a lot of sympathy, anyway), the fact remains that Earthquakes are not an everyday occurrence in Hell. Therefore, some connection to recent developments concerning NewStyle!Mopey could easily be suspected.

More on Monday.

4 Replies to “Quaking In Hell – Chapter 8, Act 2, Strip 117”

  1. Justice comes calling when we least expect it.

    Which is pretty awkward, especially if you’re bathing. It’s much harder to handle Justice when you can feel the wind on your cheeks.

    In fairness here, I will admit I’m curious where this is going. I’d more or less written off Original!Mopey as being a bystander in this one.

    So I’m waiting with baited breath for the next comic!

    1. Nobody is expecting the Spanish Inquisition! Amongst our main weapons… etc.

      (Not that the Spanish Inquisition had much to do with justice, actually, but they thought they did.)

      And, yeah, that’s true – there might not really be any good outfit to be facing justice in, but no outfit at all definitely adds another negative element to what is already a bothersome experience.

      Come to think of it, there actually might be a good outfit to be facing justice in: an invisibility cloak! XD

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