Quiet Village Life – Chapter 7, Epilogue 05

While not much (or nothing) has changed on the outside since Monday, we’re still working behind the scenes to complete the move from the old site, and get everything running and looking properly. Not too much longer now, I hope. ^_^;

As for today’s strip, we’re leaving K’ip alone with his (understandable) frustration for the moment, and take a look at the place where he’s living instead. The village, as you might have noticed, came with the green outfit, just like the inventory logic. =P

The village looks mostly like you’d expect from cat-like forest-folk. It’s got that in-harmony-with-nature vibe, and the level of outside activity is low to non-existent. When they’re not hunting, the Eni’lef spend a lot of time napping. Just five minutes ago, everyone was zooming around the place like crazy, because somebody had gotten spooked by a wandering shadow…but quiet has returned as suddenly, and now the village again looks like it does about 17 hours a day.* Not even a mouse is stirring…and that’s kinda smart of the mice, because even if the Eni’lef are napping right now, a stirring mouse could quickly change that and to its own detriment.

And the village fits well into its surroundings with that rhythm. The Evergreen Forest is full of life, but that life mostly tries to live a quiet and inconspicuous life, in order not to lose itself too quickly.

More on Thurs…uh, Monday!

*And most of the activity happens at dawn or dusk, obviously, since the Eni’lef are crep…*cough*..I mean, since the Eni’lef are most active during those twilight hours.

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