Repeat Performance – Chapter 8, Act 2, Strip 84

Well, I had my doubts about 8-Megadork-8’s aptitude* for air combat from the start. >_>

Partly because of its somewhat inefficient-looking propulsion system…and partly because plot conventions unambiguously call for a defeat on the first attempt, as demonstrated before in this space. Demonstrated repeatedly, in fact, since these rules are just so strict and unchanging.

Latho’s point also stands, of course – recycling footage of the Titanor-Twin’s first victory for depicting their second one saves effort. Animation effort on the hypothetical movie level, but also drawing effort back here in webcomic reality. =P

And speaking of effort, particularly small amounts of it, another positive side-effect of all of this parsimony is that Shinji currently finds himself doing a pretty simple and easy job. Which he very much appreciates, thank you – his general feeling is that his circumstances far too rarely properly reflect his personal lack of ambition, so he’s happy whenever that happens.

More on Thursday.

* Not to be confused with altitude, which also plays into the issue of air combat, but on a different level.**

** “Altitude” – “different level”, get it? =P

6 Replies to “Repeat Performance – Chapter 8, Act 2, Strip 84”

  1. Just use a footage of any Super Robot Wars game.
    (Disclaimer: not “any” any game. A modern enough any game that has better graphics and special effects)

    1. I might pick up Super Robot Wars 30 once it’s deeply discounted…I feel drawn to the series, but not enough to pay full price for it. XD

  2. You can tell that last panel is a retake because for some odd reason Latho’s “hair” (head fur?) is now spiked up and hair & makeup touched up its eyelashes (also maybe the eyebrows, they seem thicker at least).

    1. Yeah, my inconsistency in depicting Latho is totally a planned homage to B-movie production standards…and not just poor standards on my own part. XD =P

      In all honesty, though, the official reference sheet for Latho does feature the spiky hair…but, somehow, that detail had a particular tendency to slip by me, and in the end it was absent more often than present. ^_^;

    1. Yeah, the music as such is great…as for the dialogue/lyrics, though…

      Well, let’s say it takes a really veteran voice actor to deliver lines like “alien galaxies from beyond space!!!” without cracking up. XD

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