Replacement airhead – Chap. 4, Act 1, Strip 23

Yeah, Muttley is a Scotty, so his engines can always take more, even if he says the opposite. And he can always make repairs in half the time he says he’ll need. I don’t know why, exactly, but it’s just a typical trait of the breed.

As for panel three, if you have ever wondered why you sometimes see steam coming up from the sewers through the manholes, you now know the real story: it’s excess steam vented by submarines operating in the sewers on secret missions. Apparently, they’re more common than you would suspect. ._. The more you know.

Dick is worried about the effectiveness of the decoy he created to cover up for Busty’s disappearance. But I have to say…for the hurry at which it was constructed, it’s pretty much dead-on. There are bits missing, but Dick seems to have gotten the most obvious parts about right. The decoy also appears to be just about as intelligent as the original. Tying it to a dog seems a good way to make sure the decoy follows Biff around mindlessly, just like Busty. And using a female dog just heightens the verisimilitude. Overall, I award a B+. ._.

More on Thursday.

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