Revel-relation – Chap. 6, Act 3, Strip 33

See? All of that effort Mopey made to get a glance at the villain’s face was completely beside the point. He did not reveal himself, but he definitely had some revelations to make.

Some or two, to be more specific. One being that the Professor is enganged in research and in lamenting a lack of qualified assitance. Which sounds perfectly normal and unsurprising for him…and, in fact, for professors in general…if it weren’t for that word “here” at the end of that sentence. Up to now, the standard assumption would have been that the Professor was suffering captivity, not that he was enjoying himself. >_> (And, yeah, doing research is definitely the Professor’s all-time favorite pastime, and complaining about his assistants to sympathetic ears is also way high up on that list.)

The other revelation is that Snuka is General Watanabe’s grandson. Which is probably less than totally satisfying for either of them…being the grandson of an arch-villain sounds similarly unappealing to being the grandfather of an arch-scoundrel. Although, in context, perhaps it’s a case in point in the venerable nature-vs-nurture debate.

And the shocking revelation seems to have at least one positive side effect: it looks like it’s shocked Snuka right back to normal!

…oh, wait. Remembering what counts as ‘normal’ for Snuka, that possibly doesn’t qualify as a positive side-effect, exactly. >_>

Still, could have been worse. At least he’s never met Adm. Watanabe’s granddaughter before – so he hasn’t kissed his sister. Or even just stolen her wallet.

More on Thursday!

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