Form follows Funzilla – Chap. 6, Act 3, Strip 34

Yeah, many research buildings are not entirely utalitarian in looks, and clearly communicate the type of research carried on there – mostly because they tend to be designed by architecture professors, who feel compelled to put all of that form-follows-function stuff into action any chance they get, lest them lose credibility with their students. =P

Of course it gets more complicated when a research building serves a combination of different fields of science, but I think in this case the problem was solved in a very effective, if not even examplary manner! Too bad that cybernetics plus paleontology is such a rare combination outside of illicit research facilities rund by shadowy organizations on secret, kaiju-infested islands – examplary as it is, the building is sadly likely to remain the only example of the style. (Unless Toho Studios needs a new headquarters buliding one of these days).

But cybernetics/paleontology is also the ideal combination for Professor Dr. of course, who just happens to be an expert in both of these fields! Mostly because he always happens to be an expert in whatever field is relevant to the plot, or because a scriptwriter isn’t even aware that there are different fields in science.

And, concerning the most shocking revelation in today’s strip: Yes, Mopey’s family has reunions. Just like normal people. O_O
They’re great, actually! All of the living members of the family try to make it there every year, and some of the more restless non-living members also show up. It’s a good occasion to see each other again (apart from Uncle Griffin) and have a nice chat…and some fun fending off attacks from the pitchfork wielding mobs that also tend to make it there. And you really get a nice view, too, up there on the Brocken.

More on Thurs…uh, Monday!

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