Rise and Dine – Chapter 7, Act 4, Strip 91

With the fall of evil, joy and happiness return to the land. Naturally, since that was supposed to be the whole point, after all.

In the never-precisely-located royal castle, the never-precisely-specified, but good, boy king rises from the magical slumber in which he had been trapped for and also never-precisely-specified period of time…which definitely was too long, of course, otherwise the whole thing wouldn’t have been sufficiently lamentable. A king, even of the best kind, just taking a little nap isn’t the stuff of legends, and even less of fairy tales. >_>

The joyous moment is only slightly tainted when the good boy king makes a slight dietary misstep and turns back into the still basically good, but also rather annoying boy king he more usually is. ._. That’s the crux with that kind of good looks, you can’t afford any dietary missteps. Still, he’s basically good and pretty competent, and the people around him are used to the annoyance factor, anyway, so it really only detracts a little bit from the overall triumph of good.

There might also be one more strip in this little Patalliro! parody a bit later. Which is probably one too many…I’m sorry, I just couldn’t stop myself, or at least not in time.

More on Thursday.

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