Roll the credits – Chapter 2, Strip 447

Aww, shucks. Seems there are some teething problems with Nolan’s new, fully automatic credit roll. He just recently bought it – it’s one of those new, fancy ones where the text is not actually physically rolled across the camera. Yes, really! It uses a special kind of electronic brain, called a computer – some people are foreseeing a great future for this technology! But of course, such things hardly work flawlessly from the very beginning, so it’s just too well that Nolan also kept his old, manual credit roll around – that one still works with a treadmill. Not elegant, but reliable.

As for Lee, he doesn’t really mind his current task as much as he pretends – it’s still better than his old job, anyway. No whip. (And no drumbeat – although George’s singing “Roll, roll, roll your credit…” to motivate him is nearly as bad.)

More on Thursday.

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