Royal Audience, Informal – Chapter 8, Act 3, Strip 6

With Halloween being over, Latho’s egg/spaceship is no longer on horror duty and thus available for comic relief functions once more.

And immediately gets back into that sort of duty with gusto, smacking Her Royal Majesty in a quite inappropriate place. The Palace, I mean. >_> And her ass, too. See? I didn’t pose her in that suggestive manner without purpose (or with lewd purposes)! It was a simple case of space travel safety: Latho’s egg/spaceship needed some place that provides some cushioning for landing – it’s still some sort of egg, after all. Having the Queen herself provide that saves a lot of plot time, obviously, so was the most appropriate choice.

Speaking of the Queen, she displays a certain degree of genre-savvy here. Whether from studies or personal experience, she knows that an extraterrestrial origin for the mysterious egg is still her best-case-scenario. Not because she’s not aware that it’ll cause her a lot of trouble, but because she also knows that other scenarios for the origin of eggs aren’t entirely unknown in anime and manga – and she’d definitely doesn’t want to get stuck in that kind of story.

More on Monday.

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