Rule No. 1: Regular back-ups! – Chap. 6, Act 4, Strip 45

We apologize, but our Mecha-Kaiju has encountered technical difficulties. It will begin its rampage as soon as the plumbing issues are sorted out. Please stay tuned.

And, yeah, they had the same issue during the test run, and the Professor forgot to have it fixed…in his defense, he kinda has a lot on his plate right now. But at least the situation can serve as an useful illustration of the differences between the Professor’s Mecha-Kaiju and similar mecha the mercenary pilot might be used to – there’s no LCL and no mental link between pilot and mecha, the cockpit remains dry…well, if the plumbing works, that is.

The Professor’s carefully weighed the pros and cons of the mental link, and came to the conclusion that the advantages in reaction time and control don’t outweigh the risk of having your pilot turn into thin gruel. He hates gruel.

So the mecha’s controls are proven, old-fashioned, hyper-modern, digital fly-by-wire controls. Just like they were used in the ancient days of thirty years ago, back when mammoths roamed the Earth and regularly stepped on kids making their way to school through waist-high snow for fifty miles each way, each day.

And in the process of designing the controls, the Professor also made one further common-sense addition to the cockpit, one which gets overlooked by a startling number of mecha designers: a potty. Unfortunately, he then hired the wrong experts to deal with installing the associated plumbing on the mecha. He thought that being “the world’s most famous plumbers” was quite a set of credentials, but then it turned out that that fame actually came via things that had nothing at all to do with properly installing a potty. >_>

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