Listening suggestion: Elevator Music – Chap. 6, Act 4, Strip 44

Meanwhile, back on Aravanadi, Admiral Watanabe sets Plan B in motion – deploying the reliable and predictable Mecha-Kaiju in place of the experimental and erratic mind-control technology.

You might ask, then, why the Mecha-Kaiju wasn’t Plan A to begin with…

…or you might just as well not ask, since B-movie scriptwriters would never answer a question like that, anyway, PLUS get royally annoyed in the bargain.

To make the safe bet even safer, the Admiral has hired a real pro to pilot the Mecha-Kaiju. He might be at the upper age range for a typical mech pilot (being already adolescent, and all), but he’s got a lot of experience and the right att…uh…and some kind of attitude. For I actually suspect it to be resignation, which isn’t the best attitude to have – but that deficit didn’t deter Admiral Watanabe, since it also found reflection in the low price.

Speaking of attitude, the Admiral maintains a commendably positive one. He remains unshaken by the wreck of Plan A…and the wreck of his grandson. He even manages to see the positive side of it. Plus, just like the Professor, he put on a purple shirt for Spirit Day…but you can’t actually see it, since he still remains shrouded in the customary shadows.

And, yeah, it’s a long ride up from the ground to the Mecha-Kaiju’s head…and that makes it a good way to stress the size of the thing to the audience. Moreover, it’s the cheapest way to do it, so Nolan Nobucks decided it can’t hurt to draw the moment out just a littler longer…

More on Thurs…uh, Monday!

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