Seeing straight – Chap. 6, Act 4, Strip 43

Well, in spite of the suicidal nature of his suicidal stupidity, Biff seems to have managed to survive. At your convenience, you can consider that the result of either some sort of special guardian angel attached to particularly stupid people, or Biff’s inability to even spell “suicidal”. It also help that he’s an inviolable main character, of course.

Lt. Dapi’s survival is more of a surprise, since he’s only a supporting character…perhaps that’s also why he isn’t left as completely unharmed as Biff. Just look at his eyes! They’re completely misaligned now. If you accept the way they started out like as a basis, I mean. THIS IS THE MOST SHOCKING SWERVE EVER! Now if he only could turn back time and make another attempt at that last docking maneuvre…

Will Lt. Dapi’s new found clearsightedness be enough to make up for Biff’s continued short-sightedness on tactics? Tune in on Thursday, for the exciting answe…to a different question…

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