Sailor Moons – Chapter 8, Act 3, Strip 8

Well, since this is a flash-back anyway, I thought that the Queen’s transformation should be a flash-back in the other sense to match that – so she does the classic sailor transformation, including the iconic posing…and the cheesy references to the power of the moon.

Not to diss the moon’s power, of course. In terms of gravitational pull, it undeniably exerts a considerable amount of influence – I’m just not sure how that gravitational pull breaks down to punishing individual evildoers, but perhaps I’m just too unromantic for that.

But the Queen doesn’t actually even invoke the powers of the moon – but of the moons. Having more than one moon, or even more than one sun, is a popular go-to to quickly establish a fictional alien planet as being, well, alien. Science fiction and fantasy novels might even realistically depict the practical consequences that that would have on living on such a world, but movies and TV shows usually just go for the interesting visuals and ignore the consequences. Tatooine has two suns, but Luke Skywalker casts only one shadow…

I’m not sure whether the multiplicity of moons make the Queen more powerful than the original Sailor Moon or not, but, in any case, her power seems more than sufficient to deal with the mechanical monsters who appeared so conveniently just after Latho did. A coincidence which gave her a moment of pause, for sure, but ultimately she ignores her doubts and follows expectations – Latho’s cuteness might have played a part there, but the bigger part might have come from the fact that people raised for monarchic office from birth tend to have very dominant super-egos as grown-ups. =P

More on Monday.

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