Scream Queen of the Desert – Chapter 7, Act 2, Strip 11

Well, I said we’d have to wait and see how Mopey will react to her changed appearance, once she’s aware of it. And I have to say, she’s taking it…a lot better than I expected. ._. Just look at those rocks behind her. No sign of cracking, which means Mopey must be screaming at significantly less than her full volume.

Also notice how Gregory is trying to provide some perspective on her bereavement…and she hasn’t spat fire at him or ripped his head off, like, at all. Considering the circumstances, that’s a remarkable display of composure by Mopey. I mean, just check out the brightness and saturation values of her clothing, which, up to now, she had scrupulously kept below 20% ever since she turned 12. And after that age she also never wore her hair nearly as short as…it is now. Not to mention in that sort of a haircut.

But don’t think that Mopey is superficial or obsessed with appearances – this isn’t about that, it’s about the symbolic value of those appearance traits. They symbolize her essence…and now, her essence looks…purified. ._. Screaming without shattering any nearby rocks or ears seems like a major feat of restraint, with that in mind.

I think Gregory just needs to give it a little more time. She’s started screaming less than three hours ago, and at this reduced volume, compared to the enormity of her ordeal…I’d say something like five to six sounds realistic.

More on Thurs…uh, Monday.

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