Smaller of two klutzes – Chap. 6, Act 3, Strip 7

Yeah, in this case it would definitely have been better if Mopey had abided by the old rule and done the job herself, since she wanted it done properly.

She realized that Biff wasn’t the right choice, of course – aside from his clumsiness, his idea of “reconaissance in force” consists of blowing up everything in a given area, and then go looking what it was. What can he do? His middle name is ‘danger’, not ‘subtleness’. At least that’s what he keeps telling the girls he’s trying to hit on.

Cleverly proving at least the latter part of the statement in the process!

What Mopey failed to realize is that Snuka’s middle name no longer is ‘subtlety’, either. Well, technically it never was – it actually was ‘sneakiness’, but that’s a very similar concept, and it is no longer his middle name, anyway. His current middle name is ‘boyscout’, of course, and Mopey should have known that she’d never get him to be

either sneaky or subtle unless she could offer him a badge for that. Alas, she was just too used to the old Snuka to think of that in time.

Still, there’s one thing Mopey’s earned kudos for, in today’s strip: In panel two, she says “We can’t count on good luck” with a perfectly straight face (as far as visible). In view of everything that’s happened, that’s a mighty achievement.

More on Thursday!

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