Smokey and the dear – Chap. 6, Act 4, Strip 33

In the meantime, Mopey has had to adapt her strategy for finding the Professor’s whereabouts. Since the explosions have subsided (you only get so much bang for the buck, and grant money is tight even if you work for the Imperial military, I bet), she switches to the next-most-obvious clue: the smoke.

Not that her ears are getting any respite by that: now that she’s literally in the dark, in addition to the figurative version, she has to rely on her hearing to figure out what’s going on in her immediate surroundings. Fortunately, these sound effects are very obvious and easy to interpret, if you’ve got a little bit of experience.

Navigation is a bit trickier, of course, but she can always backtrack if she happens to take a wrong turn somewhere. You can’t see it, but she’s marking her way with a red thread and crumbs of bread. She’s a pro when it comes to this kind of basic lore.

And at least she’s got the yak’s wax lips now – those could come in handy some day. I guess.

More on Thursday!

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