Biff’s big heroic moment – Chap. 6, Act 4, Strip 34

It’s true that not all of Lt. Dapi’s senses are sharp and accurate, but his bad-performance-review sense is extremely acute. It should be, since it gets so much practice.

And well, you can say what you will about Biff (preferably not within earshot, though), but if he’s got one positive trait (Mopey’s denials notwithstanding), it’s the fact that he’s always willing to help.

Now, being able to help is a different issue, and survivors of his attempts at assistance have opinions on that matter*…not to mention the non-survivors, which would have opinions if they still could…but he’s always willing, at least.

And he doesn’t even hold his unjustified captivity against the JSDF! Partly because in his heart of hearts, he knows that it ultimately migh just be just deserts for the many times he escaped justified captivity due to his status as a football jock…and partly because he still plans to sue them for it later.

But don’t worry, that lawsuit threat is just a kind of reflex with Biff…and, something tells me that, by the end of it all, Japan might end up with having more damages to claim from Biff than vice versa.

Anyway, Biff managed to pull of his big heroic moment with suitable aplomb, even correctly pronouncing “erroneous” (I had thought about making him stumble on that word). Although is timing still has room for improvement, those fireworks would have been more effective two panels earlier. Well, he tried.

More on Thurs…uh, Monday!

*One frequent opinion being that his inability wouldn’t be half as bad if he were at least aware of it, himself – ideally, before offering help in the first place.

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