Talk-like-a-pirate-Day Special 2016 – Chap. 6, Act 4, Strip 35


I’ve always wanted to do a Talk-like-a-pirate Day Special, and since the high holy day happened to coincide with a regular update day this year, I finally got the chance…uh..”matey”.

Unfortunarrrrtely, I actually suck at talking like a pirate. >_> “Shiver me timbers.” So I’ve done the next best thing, and switched to Monkey Island mode – after all, nobody can deny that that’s full of pirate talk. Beside that, the strip features the obvious: a cameo by BMC’s resident pirates, Father John Captain McKenzie and El Commodore Lightning Blue. Plus the two current cast members who could most convincingly pull off a childish insult duel: Uzumaki Dorito and his accompanying Sauce-ke. I think the lines fit surprisingly well.

Uh…”Avast, ye curvy scrubbers!” >_> <_< More on Thursday!

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