Smoke break – Chap. 6, Act 4, Strip 36

I think it’s already been established that Admiral Watanabe isn’t really on the leading edge of progress when it comes to human resources management and environmental standards in the workplace.

It’s understandably, really – with his background as a WWII officer, he already considers the absence of bullets and shrapnel in the air as a major achievment in terms of workplace comfort, in comparison to that second-hand-smoke is pretty much a minor consideration for him.

But while there’s no blanket ban on smoking in the facilities, the Admiral did designate a number of no-smoking zones spread out about the place, and right at the moment Mopey is very grateful for their presence. These regular little breaks let her catch her breath and even set some breath aside for later perusal – although that does nothing for her beautiful pale teint, one would have to say. Good thing nobody can see her like that, because of all the smoke.

In case you’re wondering how the smoke is able to abide by the signs, keep in mind that it emanates from the Professor’s lab, so it’s particulary clever smoke. You can’t hang around the Professor’s place for any meaningful length of time without gaining some sort of intellectual benefit, and in case of the smoke it was obviously enough to provide it with some basic literacy. ._.

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2 Replies to “Smoke break – Chap. 6, Act 4, Strip 36”

  1. So if you can’t hang around the prof. without going up in IQ… how do you explain Biff?

    1. There was a constant and stable increase in Biff’s IQ over the years…but it started out from such a low level that it just wasn’t very noticeable. An increase of 20% in intelligence sounds like a lot, but if you start out with an IQ of 2… XD

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