tnemnethgilne fo ega-trohs – Chap. 6, Act 4, Strip 37

Mopey’s still in the dark about a few things, but it’s getting better.

And at least she’s noticed that Talk-like-a-pirate Day is over – because she’s saying “Argh” instead of “AAARRRRRgh”.

Other than that, her being in the dark gave me the opportunity to tie up a loose end in the shape of that sneak preview of the coming chapter that the crew got here. After all, since that was supposed to be a preview from the perspective of last chapter’s cast, there logically needed to be a reverse angle shot in this chapter, representing the perspective of this chapter’s cast on the same scene. Naturally requiring a similarly opaque setting.

The shots don’t line up perfectly, of course, but what can you expect from a B-movie? And yeah, that means the spooky, deformed shadow from that strip back then was actually just Mopey-from-the-future raising her arms. Which isn’t as much of a stretch as it may seem, since she does get mistaken for a monster quite regularly, especially at first, quick glance. The similarity disappears when you get to look at her for a moment longer.

Then reappears as she begins to speak.

More on Thursday!

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