Splishy, splashey – Chapter 7, Act 4, Strip 74

Awwwww. Today’s strip finally gives Si’ri her big, emotional moment – her chance to shine!

Metaphorically shine, I mean…physically, she’s been shining the whole time, of course. But today she gets to prove that physicality doesn’t matter – as small and weak as she is, everything would have gone to pot without her today. She was the only who could wake our fallen heroes and – perhaps – rally them enough not to take their defeat laying down.

She did get a little help from water (source of all life, I think I mentioned that before), but ultimately it will, naturally, be her heart-rending appeal and the adorable gesture of clapping to save/support her friends that will do the trick. And, yeah, it’s cliche, but when have I ever avoided one of those? It’s the B-movie Comic, after all.

While everyone got assigned an unfamiliar class at the beginning, they all remained the same race…which meant that, unfortunately for this strip, there was nobody who would have had a heightened sense of hearing as part of their nature. And hearing a fairy clap does take a fine ear, indeed. But I guess the Professorian could somewhat plausibly possess acute hearing as part of his Barbarian heritage? So I went with him for that part. I mean, as a Barbarian he would have grown up in the silence of nature, far away from the din of a densely populated place…and been taught to hunt from a young age, and so on, mumble, mumble. It pans out, halfway, which is way enough by my standards. And I think Conan had acute hearing, as well. Or perhaps it was a cute earring, it’s hard to tell with all of that hair – either way.

Alright, assuming that Si’ri has managed to provide impetus to the team (and it would be very disappointing is she hadn’t), what about direction? It would be hardly fair to expect her to provide that by herself, as well. We’ll learn on Monday, I guess.

2 Replies to “Splishy, splashey – Chapter 7, Act 4, Strip 74”

  1. Poor Si’ri. It must be hard to have to do a crying scene when you’re a fraction the size of all the other actors AND your own natural back-lighting means you’re constantly in silhouette. She has to fling her tears everywhere just for them to be noticeable. And the microphone couldn’t even pickup an onomatopoeia “sob” or “clap” sound from her; forcing another actor to have to explain to the audience what’s going on.

    1. Yeah, her size does make it a challenge to emote clearly…she’s lucky, though, that she’s in a movie instead of a play. In a movie, she can at least get an extreme close-up – just imagine if she had to try and emote on stage, with large parts of the audience probably not even capable of seeing her. And, while communicating here distress is hard at her size, it still works better than communicating anger…nothing is as frustrating as throwing a furious tantrum and nobody around you notices. Which is made even more frustrating by the fact that it wouldn’t even make any sense to get angry about that, because nobody would notice that either. ._.

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