Still Red After All Those Years – Chapter 8, Act 1, Strip 1

And with this, the Prologue is officially done for, and we find ourselves in the chapter proper.

Not that there’s much happening, right now, but these somewhat tedious preliminaries have to be dealt with, unfortunately. I couldn’t think of any way to add much novelty to the introduction of the established setting, but I also couldn’t see any way of skipping it – it simply had to happen at this point.

And, realistically, it also had to happen with recycled ‘footage’ from the last chapter. Given how prone B-movies are to recycle footage, even in cases where it doesn’t exactly fit in…and even in cases where it doesn’t fit in at all…, how would one justify shooting new footage to re-establish a setting that had already been established before? Especially such an elaborate shot as this zoom effect. =P

There was just no way – Nolan Nobucks would have balked at the suggestion to spend any money on that. That money could be much more effectively employed for other parts of the movie! Not that Nolan is going to do that, of course – he’s going to invest that saved money in his car collection, or refurbishing his swimming pool, as usual – but it could be, and that’s the argument.

Anyway, welcome to the new act and the old place.

More on Thursday.

3 Replies to “Still Red After All Those Years – Chapter 8, Act 1, Strip 1”

  1. Did you mixed the order in the last panel, or is this supposed to be a joke about how professors from a university can’t spell the name of their own town right?

    1. This reminds me of a joke: What is the most ultimate form of cryptology?

      A doctor’s handwriting.

    2. My own ability to spell is quite the joke in its own right, unfortunately. ^_^; Completely unintended mistake, and already corrected. Thanks for the heads-up!

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