Sudden Burst Of Incongruous Patriotism – Chapter 8, Act 2, Strip 110

Yeah. Well. I guess I’m slowly losing it…on Thursday, I explained at length that the Professorian wasn’t able to send thoughts and prayers, for reasons and causes. Totally ignoring the fact – which I simply, plainly had forgotten about – that he’s doing exactly that at the start of today’s episode. >_> Hrmpf.

All of the American Independence Day paraphernalia used in the final panel aren’t really a sign of me losing it, though – they’re just consciously completely at odds with the vaguely defined Canada/Japan mixed setting used up to now. ._. Because Japan doesn’t celebrate an independence day at all, always having been a sovereign nation (ignoring a somewhat ambiguous tributary relationship to the Emperor of China at some points in its history). And, as far as Canada’s independence day is concerned

So, really…if I wanted a clear, unambiguous visual clue that simply shouts “independence day” in an unnecessarily loud voice and associates some well-known B-movies by Roland Emmerich (and that was what I wanted), I just had to go with American independence, specifically. Also, of course, because of the violence associated with it, as will become obvious in future strips.

I was considering trying to line up this strip with July 4th, which also happens to be an update day this year – but ultimately felt that the six filler strips that that would have taken to pull off would have been a bit excessive. Even by my own standards in that regard, already notoriously low to begin with. ^_^;

More on Thursday.

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  1. And Bastille Day (Le Guillotine will claim her bloody prize!) is ten days later… still, we dig ya. I remember seeing ID4 in the cinema and it was wonderful, leave-your-brain-at-home fun. Fun fact: I was sitting next to two Japanese nationals and when the Japanese military guy came on camera–“Konnichiwa!”–they laughed out loud. When I passed them later I said, “Gomen nasai,” and they were surprised to see a Gaijin use the formal term. XD

    Also: freckle-faced, helmeted barbarians are always welcome!

    1. I can imagine they’d have laughed at that – for the fact that that’s not the style of greeting a Japanese soldier would use alone.

      And, yeah, that was one of the consistency problems I was referring to – he was supposed to always have those freckles, but I doubt I managed to remember them more than half of the time.

  2. Sometimes you write something in the script and when you actually get to the part, you don’t remember WHY you wrote it. But either you follow the script you’ve already got or you take the time to puzzle out re-writing the script.

    B-Movie writers generally do not get paid enough for the latter. 😛

    1. Yeah, and I have an additional problem on top of that – I have a bad habit to rewrite parts of the script…and then not actually checking the script before drawing the episode, being convinced I remember it correctly – and ending up drawing the original version, rather than the altered one.

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