Sudden Sweetness – Chapter 9, Act 1, Strip 20

So the flashback picks up right where the plot suddenly skipped – so in the end, you’ll not have missed anything important. Nor anything unimportant. Even if you wished you’d have. >_>

Among the more important pieces of information in this part of the flashback is our first look at Kipu-kun without the hat…and a look at his attitude towards the change that happened to him. As you might have expected, he’s mostly pragmatic about it – he will avail himself of the opportunity to freak out about some of the more freakish aspects of mostly-human existence, but he’s still got the healthy instinct to focus on food first. And there he finds two positive aspects to focus on: the availability to candy and the fact that his human tongue and mouth feature vastly more tastebuds than they used to, including some with which he can taste sweetness. Which, as you would expect, is a pretty life-changing experience to somebody who’s never had the ability to taste sweetness before. And that even only with a censorship bar, which is, at best, bittersweet compared to candy that serves no such nefarious purpose. He’ll get to taste that later, of course. In between, of course, he’ll still freak out over the fact that this super-tasting tongue is so irritatingly smooth and non-raspy.

And, yeah, Snuka tries to be well-prepared to deal with the never-ending stream of humiliations the universe always has in store for him. One wonders why he even bothers, though, since the universe is prepared for everything by default, and will always find a way to overcome whatever flimsy defenses tiny and mortal Snuka might be able to muster. (Notice his cleverness in using a king-size bar, though – technically, a fun-size one would have sufficed for the intended cover-up, but that would have given away exactly the fact it’s supposed to obscure.)

More on Thursday.

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