Flashback Foreshadowing – Chapter 9, Act 1, Strip 19

Being (if not feeling) lucky by nature, and aided by plot convenience, Mopey’s frantic flight takes her to exactly the place she was heading for to begin with.

Then she makes a rookie mistake, though – standing with her back to a door and glancing around nervously. According to the rules of this, and several other, genre(s), that simply requires her to get grabbed from behind…which, in 90% of cases will be a fake scare, ending with the revelation that the grabbing originates with a friendly character, rather than the monster the audience was (supposed to be) expecting.

And in this case it’s a particularly friendly character: Jimmy-kun, aka the Professor. Who actually has a few monstrous traits, especially when it comes to dealing with teachers (or writing exam questions when being a teacher)…but is still a good guy in sum, and looks particularly wholesome in his current shape.

The news he delivers are less wholesome: a flashback is coming up. While Mopey wouldn’t be able to deny that the situation has been calling for one for some time now (given all of the unaddressed questions), she still simply hates flashback. Some days she feels like she’s lived roughly half her life in retrospect. That must be disconcerting even for a veteran professional fictional character.

More on Monday.

2 Replies to “Flashback Foreshadowing – Chapter 9, Act 1, Strip 19”

  1. Coincidentally, projectors are also how the actors learn of things they apparently did in the past.

    Or at least how Lee does.

    1. Yeah, and it’s kinda tragic – Lee would actually prefer not to learn about his past. He’d prefer not to think about it, in fact. >_>

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