Welcome to the Club – Chapter 9, Act 1, Strip 18

Having escaped her besties, Mopey manages to make her way to the club room without any further incidents or delays.

Unfortunately, it’s the wrong club.

In her defense, school buildings tend to have that problem with repetitive floorplans and identical features on all of the identical floors. In real life, some of the more enlightened schools may make use of color schemes or something to help people distinguish the individual floors…but the 3d models used to represent schools in things like webcomics always lack to sort of feature. Perhaps unsurprisingly so, since these 3d models are constructed on much smaller budgets – and without much opportunity to embezzle much of that money, which will naturally further depress motivation…

So Mopey ended up in a club room one floor below the one she was heading for. Unfortunately, this one houses a certain club. One she had actually, at one point, invited to join. Which she did not seriously consider…according to her. But what she definitely never did and never will seriously consider is ever telling anybody else that she received that invitation.

She will not be happy that this strip has now made it canon. ._.

More on Thursday.

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